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Where Do I Go from Here?

Now that I've set the scene for what this blog is about, I'm struggling with how to continue. I'd like to use it to promote great ideas (through the lens of my own experience, of course), but I don't want it to turn into a quotation diary.

Any ideas? Comments are turned on -- you just need to register. (I require registration only to keep comment spam to a minimum. Feel free to use fake information.)

With the above in mind, I present my first link to another blogger's post. Jeff Jarvis, through his Buzz Machine blog, has a wonderful wit and a refreshing knack for getting to the point quickly.

My stand here is quite simple: I am intolerant of intolerance; I particularly don't like intolerance allegedly in the name of Jesus. That's my view. So we disagree. Glad we can.

This statement struck a chord with me. Maybe because I agree that many of us use Jesus to advance our own prejudices. Maybe because he's disagreeing without being disagreeable. Maybe because I love the whole First Amendment -- freedom of the press and freedom of religion.

There it is.

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