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Why "GrokMart?"

Writers know that when you write a first draft and let it sit for a day, the next time you look at it you almost always think it's garbage. That's happening to me a day after I created this blog. I'm having second thoughts about the title. It seems a bit presumptuous. I'm not one to pound my chest, so I feel like I ought to explain why I came up with the name.

GrokMart wasn't my first choice. I actually wanted to call it "IdeaMart" as a play on the "online marketplace of ideas" theme. But another Blogger blogger had already chosen that name, so I thought of different synonyms for "idea." I registered CogMart (think "cognition"). Then I thought of GrokMart. Honestly, I didn't know what Grok meant, exactly, but in the usage that I remembered, it seemed to link loosely to ideas. And it sounded cool. -- a resource I can't live without -- lists the definition of "grok" as "To understand profoundly through intuition or empathy." Despite the fact that grok is a word coined in a book I had never read, that definition struck a chord. One of the reasons I love writing is it allows me to string together bits of cog that are floating in my brain, just below conscious thought. In other words, to really know what I think, I need to write it down. Whether these thoughts amount to anything profound is up to you to decide.

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