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Grokmart Reset

In the month that I've blogged, I think I've come a little closer to where I'm trying to take this thing. I started out with the purpose of adding something to the blogosphere, this online marketplace of ideas where anyone, regardless of social status or resources, could rise in prominence based on the power of their ideas.

But I didn't want to write a blog about blogs. Recursion is for programmers. As Hugh Macleod says, blogging has moved beyond the tipping point. It has moved mainstream -- I don't think writing about blogging really adds anything to the conversation.

For about a half day, I envisioned GrokMart as a place where the blogosphere's most fascinating ideas could be discussed. That would be great -- even noble -- if I didn't have a job and an ever-increasing to-do list outside of work. Plus, I'm really not that interested in debating the value of someone else's ideas.

A few weeks ago, I changed Grokmart's description from "Don Seamons' contribution to the online marketplace of ideas" to "An examination of the power of ideas." Persuasion is really what gets me excited. How do we reach people, deeply? How do we go from getting their attention to changing their mind? In my opinion, that's the core of advertising/marketing/public relations. And that's what this site is about.

For now.

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