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Facing the Truth

I closed Power of Truth post stating my desire to explore the practical ways the truth can be applied to marketing. There's a lot to learn in the blogosphere about this subject.

One of the blogs I enjoy reading is DIG Tank, written by marketing consultant Howard Mann. Mann's mantra is "Truth, Creativity & Power," and he regularly blogs on how businesses can benefit just by facing and acting upon the truth about themselves, their competitors and their customers.

His March 13 post titled "Losing Your Story" makes a great point. The "story" Mann refers to consists of "the lies and rationalizations we tell ourselves that prove ourselves right or wrong about things that happen to us." In other words, business people frequently delude themselves into thinking their failures are someone else's fault. Says Mann...

The interesting fact about one's story, is that it typically is the result of years of old (and often incorrect) thinking and, therefore, makes the story false (or misleading at best). All too often, they simply serve to protect ourselves from some painful truth...

What if you told yourself that you lost a piece of business because the competition is really better than you? That you really didn't pay proper attention to the personalized service you touted in your brochure? You simply got beat from someone who had something better to offer.

Facing the truth can help us see where our strategy or our execution is lacking. It won't make it all better, but it's a start on the road to recovery.

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