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A Case Study in Persuasion

The first meeting of the Privately Owned Health Care Organization Task Force begins today. The task force was created by the 2005 Utah legislature to study the health care landscape in this state. Some legislators felt that my employer, Intermountain Health Care, weilded too much power and wrote bills that were aimed at directly at the company. One bill would have levied a three percent gross receipts tax on the not-for-profit company. Another would have forced IHC to sell its health plan operation.

The task force was a compromise that called for studying issues such as IHC's non-profit status of and the effects of integrating hospitals, clinics, physicians and insurance under a single umbrella, among many other issues. See their mandate here and here.

I'd like to use this space to report on the persuasive tactics used by the various parties involved. No, this won't become a house organ for IHC. Obviously, my bias will be toward my employer, and I probably won't be able to blog everything I know. But the point here is to examine how the various parties will try to influence the process.

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