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Catching Up

Hey, it's been a month-and-a-half since I blogged, so I'd better catch all you loyal readers up on what I've been doing.

First, the job: Working at Intermountain Health Care has been wonderful and challenging. I work with incredible people who have been doing advertising, marketing and PR for 20-30 years, and who are highly regarded in Utah marketing circles. The projects they've given me are exactly the type I was hoping for. The legislative task force I mentioned previously is ramping up, and I'm doing some background research to help us prepare. I've also spent a considerable amount of time producing a video about a cost-savings program IHC is instituting that will help us save $8-10 million without cutting labor costs. (Aside: The plan is to use the savings we realize to add caregivers to the bedside. Pretty cool, in my eyes.) I've also written communications plans, newsletter articles, annual report copy. Busy, but lots of fun.

Second, the reading: I'm taking the bus into work now, which has given me ample time to read. I've finished two books in the last month: The Cluetrain Manifesto by Searls, Weinberger, Locke and Levine (I know, I know, I'm five years late), and A User's Guide to the Brain, by Dr. John Ratey (I wish this guy had a blog I could link to). I read Cluetrain, because, well, it's Cluetrain, and I'm living in a post-Cluetrain world. Thought I needed to catch up. I read Users's Guide because, as a (self-educated) student of human behavior, I thought it could open a window to why we act the way we do and how marketers can better persuade our audiences to take action. I'll blog my thoughts on these books later.

Third, the plan: I'm getting a Treo 650 (today I hope), and I've already bought a portable keyboard for it. Why? I plan to blog on the bus. With work, family and other obligations, it's probably the only time I'll have to keep up on this blogging thing. I really want to use this site to have a conversation with other blogging students (or experts) of human behavior. So, more to come.

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