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Is My Nose Growing?

The more I read from Seth Godin about his new book -- All Marketers Are Liars -- the more I think I ned to shell out the cash for the book. It's germane to the discussion I want to have here.

A few of his recent posts speak to my "marketing with the truth" schtick.

All (successful) politicians are liars (from Seth's Liar's Blog):
John Kerry lost to an unpopular incumbent seeking reelection for just one reason: he insisted on focusing on facts, on issues, on position papers and on nuance. He acted like an intellectual bully, refusing to worry about the story he told. George W. Bush, on the other hand, was absolutely masterful in the way he told a story that a portion of the electorate wanted to hear. It may be, that like me, you wish that all issues were decided on facts and reliable data. They never are. We're people, not machines, and we believe stories, not facts.
The Placebo Affect from (Seth's Blog:)

We [marketers] don't like to admit that we tell stories, that we're in the placebo business. Instead, we tell ourselves about features and benefits as a way to rationalize our desire to to help our customers by allowing them to lie to themselves. The design of your blog or your package or your outfit is nothing but an affect designed to create the placebo effect. The sound Dasani water makes when you open the bottle is more of the same. It's all storytelling. It's all lies. Not that there's anything wrong with that. In fact, your marketplace insists on it.
Seth has admitted in past postings (sorry, no link, only memory) that he chose the "All Marketers Are Liars" title because of its shock value. One could replace the word "liar" with the word "storyteller."

Seth is the god of marketing, and I've got the brain of a flea when compared to him. But I'll be interested to see if his book meshes with or contradicts my ideas about truth and motivation.

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