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Obligatory "you'll-never-guess-where-I'm-blogging-from" post

I'm sitting on a UTA bus heading home, and I'm blogging. I know, that's so 2003, but I'm darn excited about it. I just upgraded smartphones, making a quantum leap from a Treo 180 -- yup, the first Treo ever made -- to the Treo 650, a shiny new bundle of features.

I won't bore you with the specs, but this new model is quite a bit narrower than my old version, so the buttons are smaller. I'm sure I'll get used to it. The only bugaboo for me is that I've had to restart this post twice after fat-fingering the buttons and deleting all the text. Aargh!

The upside? I have an hour a day where I can read my Bloglines feeds and blog. I'll just need to put my thumbs on a diet. Either that or figure out how to get my fold-up keyboard to work.

UPDATE: I got my fold up keyboard to work -- I just needed to install the driver on the device. Hoping it will cut down on the snafus...

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