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Blogrolling Evelyn

A professor of philosophy challenges Evelyn:
You, Ms. Rodriguez, appear to be an enemy. I teach philosophy and literature at various schools here in the South, and one of my principal difficulties is instructing young minds to be mindful of people in marketing, for such souls buy and sell the anima and animus of our cultures as if we ourselves were mere commodities... A marketer with integrity,though???? Possible?
I appreciate not only Evelyn's thoughtful response (a clip: "I feel we have the most (if subtle) influence when we take the nonjudgmental stance that comes from a desire to understand and allow our presence to speak for itself"; you should read the rest), but also her links to other marketing professionals with integrity.

Some promising blogs for my (as yet unpublished) "marketers with integrity" blogroll:Any other suggestions?

Hi Don,
Thanks. I edited down the professor's remarks. He was genuinely perplexed (and possibly pleased) that perhaps there might be marketers with integrity in the world. That said, I think students ought to be taught media literacy a bit; but humans have finely tuned B.S. meters built-in anyway. I understand where he is coming from, but I see folks with integrity in the blogosphere all the time. I mostly included bloggers whom I've personally corresponded with (almost all of these face-to-face) and feel intuitively good about.

p.s. your blog would qualify too ;-)

Evelyn Rodriguez
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