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I was just reading Evelyn Rodriguez's blog and found something that looked post-worthy, but then I thought, "why?" What's a link to Evelyn going to get me? Conversation? Probably not. She's got a huge readership, whereas I'm a slug on the bottom of the blog pond. Plus, she can be a bit existential for my taste.

What I really need to do is scan Evelyn's blogroll and the rolls of other marketers out there and find someone out there who I could have a conversation with, someone who is interested in thr study of human behavior and how it relates to marketing.

MUCH LATER: I was completely taken off guard when Evelyn responded to this post. If this blog had my picture, I'd color it red. Turns out, Evelyn reads those who blog her posts, and it turns out, we've had a bit of a conversation. So, Evelyn, all apologies. Forgive my presumptiveness and my intolerance (see "existential" comment above). It'll be kick to meet you in person. If that can't happen, I look forward to more blog conversation.

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