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It's All Spam

Michael Cleverly replies:
Is there any way to distinguish the business model of Meier & Frank (casting as wide a net as possible to sell their wares, driving Don's wife to hate marketers in the process) and the sundry firms who daily seem to try to get me to enlarge various organs of my body, or buy all kinds of perscription drugs online? Aren't they too merely casting the net that their business model requires?
Can't argue with that logic (honestly, Michael, since most of your logic is right on, I'll never argue with you much). That's another reason I think the current model can't last forever.

So I guess we are in violent agreement.

Another reason the current model can't last: TV advertising isn't working as well as it used to (from Bloomberg News by way of Jeff Jarvis):
Ad spending worldwide should increase 5 percent or 6 percent this year, Roberts, 55, said in an interview at the International Advertising Festival in Cannes, France. Annual growth will slow to an average of about 4 percent after 2005 as TV prices "come down,'' he said late yesterday. "They will have to. Otherwise advertisers are going to leave the medium.'' ...

In the U.S., television networks "seem to be gouging advertisers,'' Roberts said. "Their rates are going up and the return on investment is coming down.''

Thanks for the conversation.

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