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Evelyn Rodriguez's latest post hits on themes I love to talk about: human behavior, motivating through love, authenticity. Her thesis: It ain't hard.
What do I already know?
  • Marketing is about people, period.
  • People respond to love, period. What of fear, you ask? Fear being of the Ego is totally unpredictable. You are on your own terra incognita there...
  • Authenticity is about being yourself - who you are, period.

Organizations spend a significant amount of money trying to find out what they are, not only in the minds of their customers, but in the minds of their executives. That research, if done right, will bear fruit.

But, as Seth would say, it's all a lie because, as Locke would say, corporations are fictions. No matter how much good the organization does, no matter how benevolent or virtuous, no matter how honest and trustworthy, a corporation can't be personal or authentic, because it's not a person.

So where does that leave me when I'm marketing a corporation? For better or worse, I'm left with me. And the best I can be is authentic. The best I can do is love my work, the people I work with and the people I'm trying to reach.

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