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Backing Out

A few months ago, I wrote that I wanted to use this blog to document a case study in persuasion. That was when the Utah Legislature's Privately Owned Health Care Organization Task Force was beginning, and I thought it would be interesting to analyze the type of persuasive tactics that were used in testimony before the legislators.

Honestly, the testimony hasn't been too interesting, but there have been a few instances where I thought it would warrant a post. At those times, though, something's made me hesitate, and then abandon the idea.

I'm glad I did.

This morning's Salt Lake Tribune contains a story where one of IHC's competitors is leveling accusations related to Task Force testimony. I'm not going to go into the details, but I will say the story doesn't tell the half of it. If this is the kind of distortionist tactics IHC's competitors are going to use against the company, then I don't want to give them any fodder.

So I'm taking a page out of the book of Jarvis: I'm not going to blog about IHC or anything related to the work I'm doing for them. Oh, and any opinions in this post, real or inferred, are mine and not my employer's nor any of its officers.

The other half of the story.
I'm surprised that letter is available on a public website. Score one to IHC for openness.
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