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Kathy's Passionate Readers

Kathy Sierra's weblog--Creating Passionate Users--is one of my favorites. I'm not alone among marketers. I've seen links to "CPU" on many a marketing blogroll. But Kathy's main audience isn't marketers, it's software trainers and designers. The fact that so many of my mktg compatriots follow Kathy's blog backs up, I believe, my statement that "the problem [with marketing] is relevance, and marketers know it. That's why we listen when someone like Seth Godin coaches us on how to develop relationships with our audience." That's also why we listen when Kathy coaches us on creating passion among our "users," which I translate to "customers." Passionate customers are not only returning customers, they are also evangelists who can do a much more convincing job "spreading the word" about your product or service.

A few recent gems from Kathy: You're emotional. Deal with it:
People don't choose rationally to listen to your message and then have a feeling about it. They choose to listen to your message because they have a feeling about it.

If you're basing your communications solely on logical, rational, reasoned facts... the brain is not your friend. Emotions are the gatekeeper... if you want in, you gotta talk to the amygdala.
Ten Tips for New Teachers/Trainers:
Emotions provide the metadata for a memory. They're the tags that determine how important this memory is, whether it's worth saving, and the bit depth (metaphorically) of the memory. People remember what they feel far more than what they hear or see that's emotionally empty...
Humans spent thousands upon thousands of years developing/evolving the ability to learn through stories. Our brains are tuned for it. Our brains are not tuned for sitting in a classroom [or anywhere else, for that matter] listening passively to a lecture of facts, or reading pages of text facts. Somehow we manage to learn in spite of the poor learning delivery most of us get in traditional schools and training programs (and books)...
People often learn more from seeing the wrong thing than they do from seeing the right thing. Know why the brain spends far less time processing things that meet expectations, than it does on things that don't...
It's not about what YOU do... it's about how your learners [for marketers, read: customers] feel about what THEY can do as a result of the... experience you created and helped to deliver.

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