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Decency 101

When my sister sent me an indignant email about an article in Seventeen magazine about female genitalia, I was hoping she had succombed to an Internet rumor.

Too bad she hadn't.

It's true. Albertson's just pulled Seventeen from stores in 12 Western states because the October issue contains an article describing, in detail and with pictures, a vagina. Title: Vagina 101.

Truth be told, I haven't read the article. I subscribe to the Garbage In, Garbage Out view of the mind. But this crosses the always moving and admittedly fuzzy line of decency.

I'd like to know the point of a glossy magazine "educating" 12 and 13-year-old girls about their most private parts. Aren't there better places for that to happen? Like in a conversation with a trusted adult? And even if that isn't happening, what gives Seventeen the right/responsibility to be the source of that kind of content?

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I found your blog by way of "Bee-lisa's", and I have enjoyed it.

Although I am terrified for the day that my kids come to me asking more pointed questions about their anatomy than "Mom, wouldn't it be weird if we didn't have noses?", I still want their dad and me to be the ones they ask.

Since in today's world there are so many places to be influenced, I would like to establish a good foundation in my kids before throwing them to the dogs--or in this case, before standing in the check out at the grocery store for too long looking at magazines.
Hey Don. I Dig the blog. I'd like to see more soon.
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