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On Models and Jerry Garcia

More fun posts that I missed while I was employer-focused: One from Chris Carfi and the other from Seth Godin.

Chris is doing something that a now-defunct former employer of mine did: developed a model for a way to engage customers. The big difference between his model and the one developed by the agency I worked for is that it actually might change the way companies view customers. My agency's model, though developed in 2002, is pre-Cluetrain. You know, your market is consumers who eat content and crap cash. (Maybe that's why they're now out of business.)

Chris is definitely looking at things from a post-Cluetrain viewpoint. Now, if he can just get some clients to listen.

Seth Godin essentially called Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead the earliest practitioners of permission marketing:
More than Campbell's Soup or American Airlines or CAA or Cisco or McKinsey, the Grateful Dead is the template for how organizations are going to grow and succeed moving forward.

No, not every element of who they were and what they did, but the idea of conversations and open source, the idea of souvenirs and emotion and live events and of remarkability. The Dead sells through permission marketing, spread their music through an ideavirus and yes, as long as we're slinging buzzwords, profits from the long tail.
Since getting high and following a band as if they're Jesus has never been my thing, I don't know much about the Grateful Dead. But I'm thinking they're worth looking into. Any books you'd recommend?

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