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Blogger, Heal Thyself

According to this MSNBC story, some physicians are encouraging their patients to blog using a certain hospital website. The premise is that patients can heal more quickly if they have an outlet to express their emotions while undergoing treatment. Cool.

I ran across a hospital system doing this exact same thing as I was building a case for blogs as communications/PR tools for my company. If I remember correctly, a North Carolina system implemented this program based on research that showed that when patients write about their treatment, they experience better outcomes.

Too bad I can't find out easily if this story comes out of the aforementioned hospital system--the article doesn't say. Heck, the article doesn't even include a link referencing the featured patient's blog. Great story, bad journalism.

Hi Don,
I'm looking into the topic of what researchers call "expressive writing" myself for various reasons including going back to the tsunami-struck countries and encouraging survivors to write in about their year for the anniversary. And also because I'm on a panel on 'naked blogging' at SXSW next year. So I've started a bookmark for this research that may be useful for your hospital client. I would encourage you to consider community-authored blogging like this MSNBC article mentions in addition (or even in lieu of) a blog for PR objectives.


Good luck!
Evelyn Rodriguez
Thanks for the comment and the delicious tag. I've brought up the possibility of doing what Highpoint Regional is doing (that's the system in North Carolina I mentioned in the post). I'm seeing the stars beginning to align, so it might happen. I'll keep you posted.
In reference to convincing your employers to business blog, you should check out Dave Taylor's site and/or conferences about the subject. He's quite an expert. I recently attended a conference in Boulder, and learned a lot.

He's also quite engaging on several other subjects.
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