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Welcome to the Club

Jeri Cartwright is blogging. Don't know her? Neither do I, but I know of her. She's well known in Utah PR circles. The mere fact that she's putting effort into a blog will help a lot of PR folks in these parts see blogs as a legitimate PR tool. Giddyup.

Hi Jeri, I'm Don. Keep up the great work.

Hi Don!

Thanks for the welcome. It is a new world, and pretty invigorating. I love it when old systems get turned upside down and have to reform - it is usually for the better.
I agree, Jeri, that blogs are turning communications upside down. I think blogs and other conversational media are going to turn PR on its head. Not just because of the dispersion of attention--we will eventually need to come to terms with the fact that "the message" isn't the most important aspect of our communication. Rather, its the quality of our conversation.
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