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Whither the News Chopper?

While waiting for the bus, I noticed a local news helicopter has made about three passes overhead. Knowing a little about the cost of fuel, manpower and maintenance for helicopters, I feel safe in saying it ain't cheap to do that fancy bit of flying.

The future of news media is a huge topic in the blogosphere. It's something Jeff Jarvis blogs about nearly every day, and plenty of others join in the conversation. What do they see in their crystal balls? In the words of the new INXS, "it ain't pretty." Declining reach, trust and revenues are making it more difficult to do journalism. Jarvis says the "media" (a term swiftly becoming a misnomer thanks to the Internet) needs to concentrate more on the basics of journalism:
Start with the real goals, which are informing society, keeping power in check, improving people’s lives, making connections (right?), then ask what the best ways are to do that today.
Doesn't really take a helicopter to do any of that.

(My apologies to my English teaching father for using the forbidden contraction in this post not once, but twice.)

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