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Learning, Branding and Truth

Read this bit of wisdom this morning from Johnnie Moore, where he quotes Kathy Sierra, then says,
Most of the principles she applies to learning could be taken and applied to how companies think about branding: in short it should not be about telling people the truth, but engaging them in creating something new with you...
Now, I'm going to assume that Johnnie isn't stating that the truth doesn't matter. Obviously, it does. It's just that all the truth in the world is ineffectual unless it's memorable.

Another cool thing: Johnnie's RSS feed includes a trackback address--makes it much easier to blog. Thanks, Johnnie!

UPDATE: See comments for Johnnie's quick clarification.

Hi Don. Thanks for the link, and you're right to caveat my reference to "truth" which I expressed clumsily. I've added a note to my original post to clarify that I meant branders shouldn't get attached to their own pious idea of what their brand means and then shove it down people's throats.

I didn't intend to encourage (more) dishonesty in marketing!
I thought not, Johnnie. Thanks for the comment.
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