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My Modest Change

I'm taking a clue from GTD hacker Merlin Mann and cancelling some of my RSS feeds. Well, to be honest, I'm not exactly cancelling them, just relegating them to a skim mode.

I asked myself why I read blogs. And my answer wasn't to learn more, but to be a better blogger. I want to know this medium really well, and to do so, I need to participate.

The only Stephen King book I've ever read is "Stephen King On Writing," and one piece of advice he gave to aspiring writers was to read good writing. Read them for enjoyment, AND to figure out what makes them good. (He also advised writers to write a lot, but I'm not going to give up my night job--Dad--so I can write more often.)

So I'm limiting everyday reading to the bloggers that I really like: Jarvis and McLeod for their wit and personality, Rubel for his incessant search for the new, the aforementioned Mann for his turn of phrase and Godin for his insight.

I've also subscribed to Johnnie Moore's blog, because I've always liked the quotes that others post from him, and Manolo's Shoe Blog, not because I love shoes but because his writing style is so unique.

I've relegated a few bloggers I've tried to keep up with to my secondary list because they're just too long form. Sorry, I'll skim you and save what looks interesting for later.

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