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I've been told that I'm more likely to achieve a goal if I tell someone about it. That's why I'm telling you about a goal I'd like to accomplish this year: getting accredited in public relations.

I mentioned my APR ambition to a friend today. He replied, "Why on Earth... ?" A few reasons: when I got my first PR job out of college, I asked my boss if any further education would help my career. His response was that he really saw no reason to get a graduate degree in communications.

"You don't get better at this stuff by studying it, you get better by doing it," he said. (Still, there's that little voice that's saying the longer I wait to get a Master's degree, the harder it will be.) But he also said that, in his experience, a professional designation that carried some weight was an APR.

That was almost nine years ago, which brings me to the second reason: I've been doing this for a while; it's time to see how I stack up with the rest of the PR world.

So, I'm going to blog about my APR effort periodically--hopefully my experience can help anyone who else who wants to give it a shot. And, if anyone who is accredited reads this, I'd appreciate any advice you can offer.

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