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If It Makes You Happy

I just found, thanks to, someone else who blogs about human behavior. Antonella Pavese's a psychologist by training who consults in web usability. Since I swore off Web design three years ago, web usability isn't high on my priority list, but I read a great post of hers this morning that dealt with persuasion .

Antonella used a Sheryl Crow lyric to deconstruct the reasons why we complain--women, in general, complain not because they want advice, but because they want to vent; men, on the other hand, generally don't complain because they don't want anyone to tell them what they should do about their problms. Same desires, different modus operandus. She also played off her affinity for yogurt and other "growing" foods to explain how we humans dismiss that which does not fit our worldview. Smart, engaging, thought provoking. Subscribed!

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